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Re: New Rihanna Era: First single 'Diamonds' [now on iTunes]

Originally Posted by Svetlana))) View Post
Listen up you uglee. Nobody likes you, nobody uses you and nobody knows that you even exist. Rihsus will continue to do whatever the FUCK she wants and keep bringing in those dollar bills that can easily buy you and your family's lives. Now run along, stay seething, steaming and pressed as FUCK that Floptina Agoolera is flopping as usual.
What the fuck is 'Agoolera'?

And no, I'm not pressed at all because no matter what her sales may be (from the same buying public that bought Ke$ha's "Tik Tok" more than any Beatles single BTW), she has more talent and artistry in her left pinky than Rihanna her whole body, including her worn-out vagina .
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