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Re: Danish Delight - Caroline Wozniacki thread - vol 5

Originally Posted by goldenlox View Post
Caro was up a break in the 3rd vs Kim in the YEC final in 2010. At that time, from summer of 2010 to spring of 2011, only Caro & Kim won everything above Tier 2, and this one time they played during those 9 months, it was very close.
Plus Caro is a lot younger than Kimwith much more career in front of her.
So I disagree that she was a weak slam finalist.
I do think now, there's avery good chance that will be her only slam final, only YEC final.
But thats up to Caro. Its her career
You're dodging the issue;being up a break on a great player is practically NOTHING!!Kim,Henin,Serena&Venus,even Masha,can overcome even a TWO-break deficit when they're locked in.Your weak,isolated example doesn't hold up to the many other occasions when she couldn't take control of a Slam match.Once again,Caroline never threatened Kim at all in that 2009 USO final,and she wasn't even terribly competitive against Bepa in the 2010 semis...and most people would agree that Vera was an almost ideal SF Slam opponent when compared with other gals...nor do we have any reason whatsoever to think she could have taken that 2011 AO final,either.

Okay,maybe it's harsh to call Caro 'weak'--and I never actually said that--but she had that glaring flaw in her game that required UEs from her opponent and,typically,someone who reaches a QF or SF at a Slam is in relatively good form,unlikely to make many errors.Caro's lack of attacking weapons or strong serve left her unable to finish off of YOUR biggest gripes...and,logically,she couldn't finish off tougher opponents,either.

We could sit here all day and argue 'my opinion,your opinion',so I'll simplify by challenging you to find ANY respected tennis authority--though you'd have more credibility if you found more than a mere ONE--who felt that Caroline was a legit threat to win RG or Wimby.Obviously,she did better at the AO and USO,but we saw where Vika came truly close to knocking off Serena at this last USO;with better serving,she would have been able to close SW out as Stosur easily did the year prior.Are you REALLY going to assert that Caroline's passive style could've brought her to the brink of beating Serena in that Slam final??If you believed THAT,then you'd probably accept that the pope was infallible and personally chosen by God.

Again,I'm not gonna justify the lousy manner in which she and her team implemented the new aggressive game,but it's sad revisionist history to pretend that Caro was THIS close when she was no closer than my sweet,chaotic Dinara in,'not very'.I fully agree with you,though,that this next year will be make-or-break for Caro's hopes of returning to the elite rankings

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