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Re: Danish Delight - Caroline Wozniacki thread - vol 5

Originally Posted by marineblue View Post
If she plays aggressively she might never win a slam neither. Her slam results this year, when she tried to be play more attacking tennis, are nothing to be thrilled about.
Also, WTA events are not small peripheral tournaments. WTA tour is a highest level in pro competition.
Originally Posted by marineblue View Post
Exactly,with the old style she was doing well at all kind of events which shows that was a way forward. There's no guarantee that it would win her a slam and at the same time there's no guarantee it wouldn't. Waiting for opponents errors may be seen as inferior style to some but the results of players who opt for it show that this style also works.
Caro is a good example of that. She won some really tough battles thanks to opponents UEs. She did slip at slams,true,but was definitely closer to the victories than she's now, when she tries to hit winners.

If she kept on playing the old way she'd have a much better 2012 and, who knows, maybe would succeed at slams,too.
But now it's kind of back to square one.
In general I don't think her slam losses this year were the result of aggressive play. She made her 2nd set comeback against Kim at the Australian Open by getting more aggressive and did the same against Kanepi at the French only to return to a more defensive style in in the 3rd set. I think Caro backed off some at key moments at Wimbledon against Paszek and her serve wasn't as effective as it usually is on grass. The US Open loss at Begu was a horrible mess brought on in large measure by the physical and mental effects of her injury.

Caro could win the majority of her matches by waiting for errors but sometimes her opponents don't make lots of errors, particularly top players. It's also hard to beat other good defenders with a defensive style. That's why I think she needs to able to play some form of more aggressive tennis in those situations.

I think confidence and focus issues would have dragged her down some even if she didn't try to change her game. There's also more players trying to play her patiently and not just blast a winner right away which she'd have to adjust to. Plus some of the players Caro used to beat have improved a good deal.

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