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Re: PSY - Gangnam Style (South Korean smash single)

Originally Posted by Imperfect Angel View Post
Well a fit guy like Rain can be found anywhere in the US. Psy become famous, one factor is that he is not like your typical popstar. but mainly he got discovered and raved due to the song with the riding horse dance.
It was mainly an excuse to post sexy, oiled up, shirtless Rain gifs.


Rain is a sex symbol, they don't just grow on trees. Sexiness/fitness and charisma along with singing talent and an amazing stage presence are special things and Rain has all of them. The thing I've had a problem with for the longest time about the U.S music industry is that talented singers and performers who don't fit the demographics almost never get a chance. Quite a few K-Pop stars are actually Americans. They get discovered then shipped to Korea or Japan to make it big. It's just nuts, the record companies think they can't sell them to a U.S market so they ship them off to Asia where they learn the language a bit and how to sing in it phonetically. It used to be the same with Latin and Hispanic Americans too many years ago. Only in the last couple of decades has that changed. I can't wait for the day when an Asian American artist can get a break in their home country first if that's where they want to be and then branch out into the Asian markets as well.

As far as PSY goes, the song is super catchy, has a chorus that is easy to sing and has some English in it too and the video is hilarious. Gangnam Style was also helped by the fact that K-Pop is an emerging genre that has been picking up steam for a while. So when Gangnam Style hit YouTube people spread the word, YouTube featured it and it grew from there. A lot of people who are dissatisfied with the current state of Pop have discovered K-Pop and love the singing, the dancing and the overall presence of many K-Pop artists. PSY also isn't a 'flower boy' or a pretty boy which in Korea isn't an asset, but in the West it kind of is. I loved the song the first time I heard it and saw the video and I'm glad that America and the West has taken notice. I really hope it's not a Korean Macarena because there are so many great K-Pop and Indie and even Trot stars that deserve to be noticed and appreciated on the world stage. I understand that cultural differences will keep most from making the cross over, but if just 1% of them get a chance on an international stage that would be great for music in general and the Korean and hopefully by extension Japanese music industry as well.

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Isn't Mary Carillo a dried up, bitter, menopausal, frustrated harpy.....?
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