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Re: Danish Delight - Caroline Wozniacki thread - vol 5

Originally Posted by Chrissie-fan View Post
Well, I don't think that anyone, not even the biggest supporters of Sanchez or TJ think that she should drastically change what in the past has been a winning formula for her. But everyone always works on certain aspects of their game and tries to improve whatever weakness they have. Radwanska has improved her serve and offensive game over the last year or so, Sharapova moves around the court much better than she used to in the past, Nadal has improved his serve - even Federer now makes use of the dropshot much more than he did in the previous decade. I don't see why Caroline shouldn't try to add to her game as well, just like everyone else does.

The idea that she should improve her forehand in particular sounds logical to me. And as we can see it's clearly a better shot when she steps into it and takes it on. True, it might result in a few more UE, but what's the difference between making an UE yourself and putting a ball halfway up the court that the opponent will just put away? At the very least Caroline should be able to put away halfcourt balls herself with that forehand instead of giving her opponent still a play on the ball. Every other top player can do that, even the ones that are not power hitters.
Sure, players are trying to improve the weaknesses all the time and 'add to their games'. From what Sanchez and now TJ is saying they tried to change her approach and make her play aggressively so I imagine that involved making significant changes to the way she plays and maybe also thinks on the court
Oh well,the intentions were good but still...
Anyway, now it's too late to lament about that. Hopefully they'll be wiser with developing her game next season.
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