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Re: Danish Delight - Caroline Wozniacki thread - vol 5

Originally Posted by goldenlox View Post
She was in a slam final, and 1 point from a 2nd with her old style.
She also was winning premiers, a lot of them.
Now she lost 1st round in 2 majors in a row and hasnt been in a premier final for 14 months.
She could have improved her forehand, serve and volley without being so inconsistent and reckless.
But thats history now.

Ultimately, how she does from 2013 on will tell the tale.
Exactly,with the old style she was doing well at all kind of events which shows that was a way forward. There's no guarantee that it would win her a slam and at the same time there's no guarantee it wouldn't. Waiting for opponents errors may be seen as inferior style to some but the results of players who opt for it show that this style also works.
Caro is a good example of that. She won some really tough battles thanks to opponents UEs. She did slip at slams,true,but was definitely closer to the victories than she's now, when she tries to hit winners.

If she kept on playing the old way she'd have a much better 2012 and, who knows, maybe would succeed at slams,too.
But now it's kind of back to square one.
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