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Re: Danish Delight - Caroline Wozniacki thread - vol 5

Originally Posted by goldenlox View Post
She was in a slam final, and 1 point from a 2nd with her old style.
You're being intellectually dishonest with the way you keep clinging to that superficial argument,Goldenlox.Just because someone reaches a final doesn't mean that he/she was 'close to winning it'.I recall SB 27 when Buffalo first played Dallas;using YOUR argument,Buffalo was 'close to winning',yet the score was 52-17 in Dallas' favor,and that doesn't even tell the story of how Dallas made a couple sloppy mistakes that prevented them from winning by something like 66-10.Buffalo played in a weaker conference that year and they weren't the second-best team in the NFL by ANY stretch;Dallas met much stiffer competition in the playoffs prior to even reaching that SB.

In the same sense,Caro never had ANY firm control of the match in that final vs. Clijsters;only a fluke injury default from Kim would've given Caro that Slam.....and,even if she HAD had a stronger serve or some attacking weapons to put away a sharp Li more easily(which her passive style was an impediment against),there's no reason whatsoever to believe that she would've taken THAT subsequent Slam final,either.

This is not to say that I didn't enjoy Caro's previous successes(which I most certainly DID),and I cringe at the thought that a failure of confidence might push her away from the sport(not that I strongly believe that or anything).However,I'm not gonna play absurd revisionist history by saying that my fave was an eyelash away from winning a Slam....It's not even a well-thought sporting premise that any team/player who reaches a final is always in the same class as the champion who wins it.If you didn't like the NFL analogy,then let's go to the RG final from the 80s when Graf annihilated Zvereva in a double bagel that lasted what seemed about 15 minutes or so.Are you going to tell us that Zvereva was 'close to winning a Slam',too

In theory,Caro could've beaten some weaker Slam finalist,such as an Errani,but all THAT would've done was make her a nominal,one-time champ.She wasn't ever going to be a consistent,dominant force at Slams with a style of play that had her waiting hopefully for others to make an UE,and none of the truly great baseliners have been that passive.Unless you're asserting that asinine idea that Caro is some dizzy airhead who was brainwashed by hostile tennis media,it stands to reason that SHE knows/knew her capabilities far better than you or I do,and she began making changes cuz she wasn't satisfied with being a bridesmaid.Whether she fails to smoothly implement aggression into her game...or runs off with Rory partly due to discouragement over her results...neither scenario alters the fact that waiting for in-form players to self-destruct is NOT a sound formula for winning Slams or dominating a sport over any sort of long term

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