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Re: Week 16: ART San Diego: Mercury Insurance Open


Today sees anabel launch her new business item, she has decided to earn a bit on the side, and by this she has released a range of brand new condoms....

Anabel at the launch and yes she is wearing Lubricant... I mean clothes.

This is the main image for Anabels Condoms, her new range called 5 minuite Wonder, launches on monday here she is to tell us about it,

So anabel why did you do this

well I am frequently running out of condoms and I decided if I brand some I will always have them with me plus the pope approves

The pope waving at Anabel

Furthermore I decided the needed a womans touch, if you pardon the pun so I decided to put my face on the packet, It will make the buyer feel more homely and not as embaressed to buy a condom if they see someone as famous as me on the front, I have also promised to test the product for you all at a later date.
By the way at the next tournament everyone I play against singles and doubles will get a free packet regardless of the result, except Nadia because she has a vagina tighter than a nuns...
The launch party if for everyone to attend as well, I hope you can make it and ladies I hope to have some feedback.
So Anabel has created this business venture, will it take flight or sag and sink like Anabels VJJ you will just have to stay tuned to ART to find out...

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