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Re: Once Upon A Time: Season 2!

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That scene with Mulan, Phillip and Aurora when Philip kissed Aurora to wake him up happened during the time Snow, Emma, Charming and Regina were trying to send the wraith to the other world. So the timing was not parallel, the way they showed it. So when the wraith entered the hat, it appeared in Philip's world and that scene happened at the beginning right after Philip woke Aurora up. They did not see Snow and Emma the first time because they were hidden under the ruins.

So yeah, my understanding is that Charming and co. sent the wrath to another world through the hat and it appeared at Philip and co's place and unfortunately Phillip got marked immediately during that fight.

I hope that makes sense

Those two scenes happened simultaneously, but it would have been impossible to show them both occurring at the same time. You would have to use split-screen, Mario Kart style.

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