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Re: Caroline's Live Scoring Thread v 10

Originally Posted by DownInAHole View Post
I think this is correct:

Caroline 18-31
Angelique 39-34

I think that really shows the difference between the two of them. Angelique had three more unforced errors but twenty-one more winners, it is hard to lose with that kind of ratio. She can defend great but she is also capable of good offense, right now Caroline struggles with both offense and defence, that makes players like Kerber extremely tough opponents.
I suppose there's progress in that Caro had 82% of the amount of forced points (winners and forced errors combined) in this match compared to 55% in their Copenhagen match earlier in the year.

Caro actually had almost as many winners as Kim in their 2010 YEC match.

Caro struggling against good defenders isn't new though. She didn't beat JJ until 2011 (she was 0-4) although I think she could have done it in 2010 (likely in fall 2010 if they had played then, maybe in Indian Wells earlier in the year if it wasn't a final). She lost to Peer in Dubai in 2010.

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