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Re: Danish Delight - Caroline Wozniacki thread - vol 5

Originally Posted by goldenlox View Post
She could easily quit on the year now. How does that help?
She needs a full time coach. Someone who will constantly be trying to explain why she lost and what she has to do in these key situations that she doesnt play well in.
To me, this is all about changes in her game that she cant do. She has to play to her strengths and build slowly on that.
The problem, which is huge, is that the old style of play is gone now. She just cant make pressure shots, like the overhead vs Aga, or this match at 44
Mentally, she's not the player she was. She has to keep winning to get that mental part back, and she needs smart coaching, which she hasnt been getting

I agree with Jimmie48. She's going to need full mental committment to tennis, and even thats no guarantee.
But everything we see is not full committment.
I don't think ending the year now is helpful. She's got a chance to put in some more work on her game in actual matches and it's better than her following Rory around a golf course.

I don't think playing well in the pressure moments is really about the style of game. I'd say it's about confidence, focus, and shot selection.

Every player has a choice in pressure moments whether to play it safe or to go for it. Sometimes the safe approach is the right one and the opponent makes an error. Sometimes you get burned by it as the opponent hits a winner.

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