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Re: The SS Dementieva, New Horizons

Originally Posted by Dementinator View Post
Right then, I'm back, seems things have gone ok as far as I can tell....;

Feel free to keep up the daily logs if you wish, every good ship needs a "ships writer" so you can undertake that task if you like.

just spent 12 hours watching crap movies on a 7 inch screen on the back of someones head and attempting to eat inedible airline food.

such fun..
Cap'n,if I may make a suggestion,you might wanna try flying Southwest Airlines--if you haven't already--when you're travelling by air in the States.I go via that airline almost every time I fly out of El Paso to see my family in Baltimore.It won't compare with flying VIP in a private jet,but the folks usually endeavor to make the flights comfy and pleasant as the attendants often tell jokes with the passenger instructions to lighten the mood.

As for the lousy movies,well,I think we're virtually doomed in that regard with any long-term means of transportation.When I've taken the bus line from my home state across the border,the films are crappy enough in quality,but that's made even worse when the movies are dubbed into Spanish instead of being done with subtitles.As Ana could tell you,what's so pathetic is that the voice-dubbers COMPLETELY fail to capture the spirit of the scene.A character might be totally irate and yet the usually-dorky-sounding dubbed voice makes it seem as if the person were ordering house paint over the phone.

Honestly,I feel that you and Mikey do a decent job of describing our daily events aboard the there are a LOT of others who have seniority over me Elena doesn't do anything scandalous to draw attention to herself in her retirement,so that makes my job as her promotions/propaganda officer that much more of a challenge.Besides,if you let ME tell stories,you might read a fiction about Dushevina and Kirilenko wrestling on the beach as they argued about who got to serve as Lena's #1 bridesmaid....and THAT wouldn't necessarily be appealing to our gals or wholesome for our visiting youth

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