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Re: What is your favorite Disney movie from its golden era (late 1980s - late 1990s)?

Originally Posted by Julian. View Post
Exactly! None of the characters from Pixar are as memorable as the classic Disney ones.
Yep, and there's a very good reason for it: if characters such as Snow White, Pinocchio, Pochahontas, Cinderella etc. are more memorable it's not as much to do with Disney or Walt himself except that he could pick out the best source material to plagiarise adapt Many of the films are so resonant because they draw on deep-rooted cultural archetypes, ancient folklore or the literature of more recent authors such as Hans Christian Anderson, the Brothers Grimm, which was itself based on deep-rooted cultural archetypes.

Walt Disney was a master at what he did, animation and delivery - but definitely not on the creation-level, i.e. characterisation, plot etc. In fact many of the fables were candied-up, dumbed down and probably lost a lot in their adaption for children - however there is a massive flip-side to any "loss" in that most people would have a far more limited awareness of these significant cultural fables if it wasn't for Disney. Indeed it is through Disney that we can go back to the Germanic roots (case in-point: recent Snow White film with that girl from Twilight).

The more recent pixar films aren't any more original - I mean what child hadn't imagined their toys coming to life, monsters in the cupboard at night or if animals could interact with each other. That's why the pixar generation comes across as a lot more frivolous than "classic" disney - they're based on a much less concrete and less culturally significant concepts.

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(1)A lot is being made of the record Serena has vs Sharapova. It is being used as THE reason she will win again lol. Good thing we have players like Tomas Berdych (who had an even worse record vs Nadal) to remind us of the fallacy of this nonsense logic.
(2)You stans may as well sleep well tonight because tomorrow the a replay of Lucie's winning moment over and over again will haunt your dreams for weeks to come
(3)The stars have aligned perfectly for the upset of the 21st century. All the best Garbine
(4) There is no path to victory for Williams.Keys wins in straight easy sets.
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