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Originally Posted by Cilla View Post
He is brilliant. One of my favourite sportspeople. He has the potential to be one of the GOATs of the game of golf. He has achieved 2 majors at the age of 23, humiliating the rest of the field by 8 shots each time. He can play shots that none of the other golfers can even dream of. I used to think golf was one of the most boring sports ever (along with lawn bowls & cricket ), but I always watched the majors just out of habit with no real investment in any golfer.

Then I watched The Masters 2011 & watched Rory play, and he was amazing, & I thought what a talent He was cruising into the final day to win his first major & then suffered one of the biggest meltdowns in the history of golf losing a 4 shot lead to finish 15th. It was awful to see a young kid choke like that Since then I have been a fan & in the next major three months later he rebounded to win by a huge margin & I have so much respect for him for that Not many people can come back stronger after that kind of choke.

He is now #1 in the world & won on the PGA tour four times this year & is a lock for player of the year. He is very amiable, & has a really great personality, excellent for the traditionally stuffy game of golf. I was never a fan of Tiger Woods in his prime, he always came across as rude & obnoxious to me. Rory is a much more relatable champion. Tiger is his idol & they have become really good friend, the cynic in me says Tiger is leeching onto Rory to rehab his image but their bromance is kind of cute even I have to admit.

Rory nearly missed the last day of the Ryder Cup because he got his time ones mixed up He arrived 11 minutes before his tee time If he had been late five minutes after his tee off time he would have been disqualified & with how the scores went Europe would have lost by a point It's the second time this has happened. He overslept for the final round of US Open & arrived 30 mins before, but still won by eight

Sorry for the long post, but I love taking about Rory
Wow, now I feel silly for mocking Caro's taste in men. He's definitely not hot, but his other qualities seem impressive. Ana chose a better looking golfer, but Caro's choice is much better.

Originally Posted by Ana'sProcess View Post
I'm ok with Ana dating Bastian, women, Jelena Jankovic, Trump, Montgomery Burns from Simpsons...
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