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Re: X Factor Australia 2012

My rankings for tonight!

1.Bella - Great song for her. Sounded perfect. Dancing was adorable (I didn't find it awkward at all wasn't like she was krumping or anything). Loved the hair extensions
2.Collective - They just work, for a boyband I don't find them cheesy. Vocally always on point and everything is just natural. Hoping for a ballad soon though to mix it up.
3.Fortunate - The first time i've really liked them, song suited them and they actually stood out tonight.
4.Angel - Totally agree with the judges about her over-singing the ending, but the rest was flawless as usual and the piano was a nice touch. P.s bring back the Turban the hair is hideous.
5.Sammy - Agree with Ronan *puke* but lost connection when over-singing the ending, was totally in to it before she did that. Still good though.
6.Nathaniel - Very good but not a standout, pretty easy on the eye though. Pretty indifferent.
7.Shiane - God bless her she's just adorable and I love her personality. I'm a weirdo and I actually like when she doesn't pronounce things properly I thought this performance needed more in the chorus.
8.Justin - Really liked the first half and thought I was going to really like it but totally lost me at the end. Whenever he tries to move/perform it feels really daggy.
9.Jason - Less cheesy than the previous two weeks but still reeked of karaoke. Very hard song to sing though and did a decent job of it.
10. Carmello - I really like his personality and i do think he can really sing at times, but this was vocally a train-wreck. My ears are still bleeding and he made absolutely NO attempt to connect to the lyrics or mood of the song. I guess most of that is still down to nerves, but for me it was the equivalent of someone delivering a high school english oral with absolutely no expression reading it off a piece of paper

I think Jason & Carmello SHOULD be bottom 2 but knowing Australia I think it will be....... Sammy again and....... Angel. Simply because they got bad comments from the judges. This always happens though, the judges go really easy on people like Jason/Justin etc and expect SO much from more talented contestants therefore give them more criticism... and the blind sheep voters lap up every word. I hope I'm wrong though
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