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Re: Serena's 2013 Clay Court Strategy

Originally Posted by dsanders06 View Post
Yup. People really need to stop thinking it's the colour of the clay that was the issue Madrid's ALWAYS been an awful preparation tournament because of (a) the altitude, and (b) the clay is such shoddy quality that it's impossible to move on it like you can on proper clay. You just have to look at Kvitova winning in 2011 despite her game being wholly unsuitable for clay - giving a beatdown to a player who would beat her at RG a few weeks later. The 2010 Madrid finalists did awfully at RG too. Stuttgart and Rome have ALWAYS Been better indicators of who will do well at RG (actually, Stuttgart's been the best indicator of all in recent years, which makes sense seeing as they specifically import the same clay that RG use).
why stopping at 2010 Dinara was only one who had some RG success after her Madrid run in 2009.

Originally Posted by TheDream View Post
Not even close. Especially Maria. Serena's movement is far better than Ana, Maria and Schiavone. She's faster at least than either Na Li and Kuznetsova.
Being "fast" means jackshit on clay. Wozniacki is far better mover than Maria, still cant do anything on clay with her movement because she doesnt slide well and doesnt use it in her game. These kind of small adjustments are important.
Of course Serena's game is enough good to ignore any movement most of the time.

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