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Re: 'Journey Women' who became top players for a brief period before returning to nor

Originally Posted by crazillo View Post
I disagree here. ALGs slip was because of her former coach. She was never the same after that, also physically. The way she took apart Sharapova at Moscow before injuring her ankle wasn't random IMO. I always feel she is a much bigger talent than most of the young Germans we are talking about now.
No doubt injuries were her main foe, but just like others have already mentioned that can be said of a lot of others as well. There aren't in asterisks marks by anyone's names- being a professional athlete can be a short lived career that might not workout and if I had to guess I would say injuries is probably the number one reason why.

But it doesn't change anything. Justified or not the results are that of a journey woman- thats the "breaks"- as they say... At the end of the day nobody cares why and everybody has a reason. After were done debating they will still be journey women.

Here is the OP criteria- how the term "joirneywoman" was defined:
Anywho, i was wondering who are some players that have had similar runs: average/journeywomen for many years then has a sudden rise out of nowhere that skyrockets her rank but after a season or two they seem to eventually fall back to their normal level ?
ALG has the bell shaped curve if u use her year end rankings...low ranking in the beginning a spike to the top, then back to a low ranking again...

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