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Re: Ana Ivanovic Pictures Thread vol.2

Hmm? Ana is absolutely gorgeous now. I find her more attractive than ever. Of course that doesn't mean she is in her optimum condition to play tennis right now, but she looks stunning.

She was never a busty girl even when heavier, so it was clear that for her figure to look its best she needed to be slim- she lacked the genetics to be curvaceous.

Naturally some people will prefer the cute slightly soft look she used to have. But what are you seeing in her younger face? It's not extra muscles in her face. It's puppy fat. So then people are saying they preferred Ana's face with more fat in it... but an athlete in a sport with as much running as tennis should have low bodyfat.

I think if you criticise her body you can target her arms because she could add some muscle but do people really want her to add more fat to her face? It won't help her play you know, even if you like the look of it. It's just a preference for a fuller-faced look and has nothing to do with her performance, unlike the strength of her arms and legs and core.

I think she is a bit stronger than she looks since she does get exercise from hitting tennis balls, but I would like to know if she can actually do a pull up/chin up or tricep dip or single leg pistol squat, all of which are quite difficult for most women but should be things an athlete can do. I wonder what her conditioning routine is? Does she have clear fitness goals aside from being slim? For a role model, she should look at another tall strong girl, like Venus, who is slim with low bodyfat but clearly rather strong.

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