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Re: Ana Ivanovic Pictures Thread vol.2

It's quite interesting really.
Ana traded her extraordinary, one of a kind, out of this world, drop dead gorgeous face for a fine but still not unlike so many other bodies.
Now, how similar is that to her tennis: she traded her one of kind, lethal forhand or even forhand/serve combo - the heart of her successful agressive game, for a mediocre safe game built around defense?
Very interesting.
I read once an interview by Federer where he was aksed why he wouldn't improve on his BH and try to do a double handed or something. And he said that it was better for a player to have one lethal weapon and try to make it better, than to work on his weaknesses but neglect his weapon. Now add to it the fact that Serena never tires of improving her serve, which is already good enough, something not only respectworthy but truly awe inducing and you get the picture.
I also read somewhere that when a person cannot recognize what their true strengths are, even if they are hit with them on the head, and keep trying to make their weaknesses a strength, they are forsaking their ticket to success.
I see Ana doing it on so many levels.
Apart from those two mentioned, add her constant attempts at being the intellectual, the reader, when she has been blessed to be in a profession in which one good season can set you and your wider family for life.

Seems like the running theme of her life is: grass is always greener on the other side.
She never seems ok with what she is.
But not in a way that she is not happy till she reaches perfection, it seems that she always wants really fundamental changes.
Gives an impression of being trapped in a life she didn't want or choose.
And then, for a second, I feel sorry for her.
But only for a second, because the next second I remember her profession.

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