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Re: Girl’s RAPIST seeks paternal visitation rights to their child

Originally Posted by dybbuk View Post
Yeah. I think the part of you not being American is important here, because you obviously haven't the slightest clue of what you're talking about. "Liberals" in America are far, far more likely to stand up for the rights of rape victims in America. There are still elected conservatives that say a rape victim was "asking for it" and should be forced to keep her child. Not to mention the conservatives who don't think a rape victim can even get pregnant, because her body is supposed to shut the reproductive process down when she's raped. There are conservative American politicians running just this election saying these things. So you're really trying to tell us its the liberals in America who don't care enough about rape victims? I would like you to find a so called "liberal" in America who would be for a rapist being able to visit the child of the teenage girl he raped. You should have a seat and consider not speaking of things you obviously don't have a clue about.
Originally Posted by égalité View Post
You most certainly do not understand. It was a conservative politician who recently made the "legitimate rape" comments. It's conservative politicians who want to prohibit abortion even in cases of rape.

Also, saying "liberals want equality" is WAYYYYY different from saying "liberals want a rapist and his victim to have equal visitation rights." That's absolutely absurd.

I think I understand now.

I don't understand the USA. What I meant was that I hate that criminals have too many rights. I just don't believe in this case and the visition rights involved.

Maybe I meant Rebublican.

Can't we just talk about this story?

Which I abhorr btw.

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