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Re: Martina Hingis, overrated?

This is the biggest troll thread ever All the Hingis haters lined up like ducks

BTW Graf's rival was stabbed, Serena's best rivals retired in their early 20s (THREE OF THEM!), Henin vultured in the absence of WS, Sharapova's last two Slams are among the most vultured Slams of all time, Clijsters gets tons of shit for her competition etc. Basically it is rare for all top players to be healthy all the time, and a record of 6 straight AO finals, 5 straight RG semis, 5 straight USO semis, 2 YEC titles, years at #1 ranking, and the best Tier I record of this entire generation speaks for itself. That she only has 5 Slams with records like those is absolutely ASTONISHING, and a clear mark of an insanely gifted underachiever.

So I don't at all understand how someone could POSSIBLY say Hingis is "overrated" after looking up her accomplishments unless they are a delusional, obsessed hater. This thread has plenty of those for sure It's also not as if anyone, even Hingis fans, rate her athleticism or work ethic at the same level as her contemporaries. But that really proves my point; despite being shorter, weaker, lazier, less motivated, and less interested than all Slam winners in her generation, Hingis' career is more accomplished (or equally/comparably accomplished) than all of them except Serena. That alone proves her immense tennis talent.

Also, RDV or whatever that sad troll is named: that was the best match Serena has ever played in her entire career, and still Hingis managed to win five games which is more than players like Maria, Justine, Venus, Jennifer, Azarenka etc. can say, as they all have suffered more embarrassing losses to a Serena playing only half that level. I fail to see how one loss to a zoned-out Serena means Hingis was "over-powered" on a consistent basis. After RG 99, where Hingis served for match:

W99 -- tank
USO 99 -- Hingis choked 2 set points w/easy errors, would have had vast momentum in 3rd set against tired, inexperienced Rena
AO 2000 -- Hingis WAS overpowered for half the match, then battled to a TB, once again had momentum but UEd the match away
RG 2000 -- Hingis implodes in UEs against player she owns
W 2000 -- in words of Davenport, "I've never seen Martina play so passive", despite this she takes Venus to 4-6 in third set on grass
USO 2000 -- Hingis HUGE choke on smash to give 2 MPs, then hits tons of UEs to lose match
AO 2001 -- over 40 UEs in two quick sets
RG 2001 -- over 40 UEs in two quick sets
W 2001 -- injured
USO 2001 -- Serena plays best match of career, making 100% of first serves after first couple games
AO 2002 -- Hingis hit more winners and errors than opponent, once again implodes in errors to lose (bad fitness)
RG & W 2002 -- DNP
USO 2002 -- over 40 UEs in two quick sets

So the only matches where it is arguable that Hingis was overpowered was AO 2000 and USO 2001, although nobody was beating her in-the-zone opponents on those days, so to me that is not being "overpowered", it's just running into someone playing great tennis.

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