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Re: Martina Hingis, overrated?

Originally Posted by Timariot View Post
I'm sorry, what the hell is your point again? Of course if you carefully select a period to suit your argument you can prove anything. Hey, how many Slam finals Venus won in 1997-99? Gee, whatta sucky player.

Why don't you try this: between 1997 and 2001, Hingis won most tournaments, spend most times as #1, made most Slam finals and coincidentally, also won most Slam finals of all the players even though it involves two whole years when she won no Slams at all, so you can't accuse me of cherrypicking! Sure, she may not have been "dominant" over that entire period, but clearly her results were the best.

Yep, she so shamelessly waxed Venus 6-1 6-1 in AO semifinal, when Venus was at her absolute career peak. Did you watch that?

What, you seriously expect me to maintain some sort of stats database?
Your arguments are beyond weak, Timariot. And our debate concluded three pages ago.

And by the way, since you saw fit to avoid the vast majority of my questions, I have nothing left to say to you.
"Time" is a valuable commodity in my neck of the woods, and I've no more to spare on you..


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