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Re: Why is Graf overlooked?

Originally Posted by Excelscior View Post

I'll give you another example. They once asked Chris Evert "if someone had suddenly taken out Martina Navratilova, how many more majors do you think you would have won"?

You know Chrissies first impulse was to answer/give a number, then she immediately caught herself and said "Martina pushed her, made her work harder, KEPT HER IN THE GAME LONGER".

Evert felt, that if it wasn't for Martina, she would have actually RETIRED A LOT SOONER, cause they're would have been little to play for. But Evert admitted Martina made her work hard, and inspired her competitive juices.

Now who knows if that would have really been the case. How ever, I think it could have been the same the case that Seles having a longer career, may not had denied Graf as many Majors as some of us think (not including if Monica would have lasted that long at that level). It would/could have just made Steffi Graf play longer or get better, and she still may have had her 18-24 majors anyway.

And in Seles case (this is what people hate to hear), she wasn't seriously injured. Now, if you wanna say, "the stabbing effected her play", okay, fine. You can say that. On the other hand, if it was another player, I don't know if it would have made much difference in their performance. They would have just moved on (see Paul Pierce example). But everyone's different. And that's why some people make threads about Monica 2.0 vs 1.0 being better or Graf's or anyone else's personal problems being no different than what Seles experienced, despite the wild and unfortunate nature of her terrible incident.

That's the guys belittle the stabbing, but to me the worst part of it: Battles should be fought on the tennis court. Let Graf vs Seles do their, Parche had to go and ruin everything. Another German looney changing history, in this case tennis history.

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