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Re: Why is Graf overlooked?

Originally Posted by Anabelcroft View Post
Well, it's not about you growing up, but about your brain cells growing up a bit

You must practice and practice
Brain cells are just fine. Peeps ask me how do I roadrace, and it is precision roadracing, when my hearing and eyesight is shot? It boils down to this, my hearing and eyesight is off, but when I am doing something I love (roadracing),everything is crystal sharp. To have that kind of gift, you also have to lose something. I can't have it all. I prefer to have what I have.

On CNN, or MSNBC, they have some pictures of 3 people that were cashing a dead or missing person social security check for 30 years. They posted the picture of them. They were 68, 69 and 71. I looked at them, and oh my gawd.

Enough of that. My brain is doing just fine for a 70 years old.. Oh, I do have road rage. In my race rig, F150 and race trailer, I have took the whole unit at 95 mph, and road rage, and that is cut somebody off that just cut me off. My road senses and feel are super, super sharp. When one of thre wheels on the truck or the trailer just slip so much as a half inch, I can feel it, compensate, and do what is neccessary to maintain. Same thing on the racetrack. I am blessed with that at my age..

My driving skills are out of this world. On the race track, I see 4 or 5 turns ahead. I used that on the street, thinking 6 and 7 moves ahead.

Graf's record will always be tainted. Some say if she didn't marry Andre, nobody would even know her...

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