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Re: Martina Hingis, overrated?

Originally Posted by RVD View Post
Anyway, I stand by my statements concerning her not being over-rated, but that she definitely had problems competing with Big Babe, Power Base-liners. You have an opinion, and I have mine. But you really shouldn't make a habit of avoiding direct queries because doing so does nothing to support your arguments, nor Hingis' record against the likes of Capriati, Venus, Serena, and Davenport. Again, players that she regularly competed against and that gave her enormous problems; even before the reported foot injury.
Of course, glass can be half full. You could just as well say that Hingis gave problems to power players who generally swept aside other players w/ similar games. Just how bad was Martina against power players?

Hingis vs
Pierce: 10-6
Seles 15-5
Venus 11-10
Serena 6-7
Davenport 11-14
Capriati 5-4
Mauresmo 7-7
Clijsters 4-5
Dementieva 4-3
Henin 2-2
Graf 2-7

So it seems that pretty much only player of note she had lopsided record against was Graf. It's of course debatable whether some of those mentioned are "power players". Lots of people nowadays seem to think that Graf would be blown off the court by ITF event level players, for example.

Originally Posted by RVD View Post
I seem to recall a few statements made by Hingis, concerning why she refused to change her serve and improve her strength-conditioning. I sorta recall articles where her mom/coach suggested to her that she improve her conditioning and serve (on seperate occassions) in order to compete with the Big Babes; which I thought was also echoed by commentators and sports journalists during post-match interviews. What are you recollection of these articles and interviews?
Teenage Martina was viewed as somewhat lazy in her practice. It was obvious during 1998 she was clearly out-of-shape much of the year. She improved her fitness regime considerably after that, culminating in 2001 AO where she was in great shape and outlasted Serena in a gruelling duel. I recall that in some point she claimed to have tried enhanced weight training but that it screwed her stroke mechanics. Tennis players in general often don't like changing things.

Huge biceps don't necessarily make tennis players hit harder. In fact some of the hardest hitters are pretty skinny.

Originally Posted by RVD View Post
Just wondered about your recollection of the previous questions, as well as my original concerning her 1st serve percentage record against Davenport, Venus, Capriati, and Serena.
I'd answer that question if I understood what exactly is what you're asking. I don't have original statlines around anymore.

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