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Re: Martina Hingis, overrated?

I dont know where Sharapova came into this thread but for what its worth no Sharapova does not rank above Hingis yet. She has 1 fewer major, as much as the #1 stats are overrated she is glaringly behind in those too. Hingis was also dominant at the Australian and had a dominant year in 1997, where Sharapova isnt dominant ever or anywhere. If Sharapova wins a 5th slam it would be closer because of the career slam, but really Sharapova needs 6 slams to rank over Hingis, and possibly a year end #1 too. As much as Hingis vultured a really weak field January 1997-January 1998 she atleast capatilized fully on it, so kudos and credit to her for that, while Maria has had a really weak field to play with the last few years and hasnt taken the same advantage, blowing several winnable slam finals and semis.

Prime to prime though I think Sharapova would win. Sharapova is similar to Davenport with better movement and much more fight, and we all know prime Lindsay owned prime Martina. I know the Hingistards will point out Martina crushing Maria once in 2006 past her prime but that was an aberration as Maria came back to very easily win their next 2 matches. It was the first time they ever played, Maria probably found Hingis's game hard to get used to at first since nobody plays that style of tennis anymore.
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