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Re: Martina Hingis, overrated?

Originally Posted by Timariot View Post
Fair enough, so Hingis played with injured feet with most of the 2001-2002 (resulting to Tacchini lawsuit), not that hard for others to win then, is it?

True. Those statements are not contradictory at all. Taking power off from your shots or serve does NOT necessarily lead to improved reliability. Anyone who has ever played tennis understands this, but it is hard to actually implement if you have lost confidence in your shots. It's same thing what happened to her forehand.

Martina's best first serves were at 170km/h+ at her peak, late 2001 they had dropped to 130km/h.

Honestly, reading these posts it sometimes baffles me how Hingis ever won any matches at all. She apparently couldn't serve, couldn't move, couldn't hit groundstrokes...

Man, she must have been luckiest player alive to achieve winning or even record against most of the prominent baseliners of her time.

Here's bit of logic for you: when you have 1000 point lead over your closest competitor, how does it help your ranking to play a tournament which gives you 250 points if you win it? That's right.
You still haven't answered my question concerning her 1st serve percentage against the Big Babes.

Moreover, I've already stated that Hingis is deserving of her achievements, but that posters need not embellish on these achievements. As her record speaks for itself.

In reference to the feet injury incurred by wearing the wrong shoes...
That argument only applies if her feet were affected during that time.
And during that period, Hingis never once complained about her feet. At least, not that I read of.
Maybe you are correct, I will just say that, Hingis, to her credit, played pretty damn good after coming back from foot surgery.
But, hey, no biggie.

Let's not start waxing melodramatic in this discussion.
You have made some interesting points, but when you go off in a melodramatic fashion, you give the impression of having already lost the debate.
I'm not your enemy, nor am I a Hingis-Hater.
And I'm certainly not suggesting that Hingis failed against all of her opponents.
That would be disingenuous, and frankly, ridiculous.
You seem to give the impression that this is what I'm putting forth.

What I am saying...and I want to be clear on that Hingis had known difficulties competing with the Big Babes at a time when Big Babe tennis was being played by the top 20 players in the latter part of the 90s onward. Regardless of foot injuries; because she was soundly defeating the majority of her opponents.
Again, I provided names of players that gave her problems.
However, for whatever reason, you have decided to completely disregard that portion of both of my posts, and not respond to my query.
It's all good though.

Anyway, I stand by my statements concerning her not being over-rated, but that she definitely had problems competing with Big Babe, Power Base-liners. You have an opinion, and I have mine. But you really shouldn't make a habit of avoiding direct queries because doing so does nothing to support your arguments, nor Hingis' record against the likes of Capriati, Venus, Serena, and Davenport. Again, players that she regularly competed against and that gave her enormous problems; even before the reported foot injury.
Remember, she was hyped as a tennis "genius", right?

I kind of curious though....

I seem to recall a few statements made by Hingis, concerning why she refused to change her serve and improve her strength-conditioning. I sorta recall articles where her mom/coach suggested to her that she improve her conditioning and serve (on seperate occassions) in order to compete with the Big Babes; which I thought was also echoed by commentators and sports journalists during post-match interviews. What are you recollection of these articles and interviews?

Some claimed laziness, and others claimed stubbornness on the part of Hingis for not changing in order to keep up with the Big Babes.
Do you have any recollections of these statements made over the years?
And was there a statement made by Hingis about not wanting to look like a (paraphrasing) bodybuilder, being the primary reason for not doing strength-conditioning?

I don't want to jump to any conclusions that may bring about further misunderstandings.
Just wondered about your recollection of the previous questions, as well as my original concerning her 1st serve percentage record against Davenport, Venus, Capriati, and Serena.

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