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Re: Why do girls miss so many simple balls?

Originally Posted by GAGAlady View Post
It's true that women miss a lot more. It's not that there stupid its just that the men are much better at putting away balls. They just are, no need to bash the girls it's just a skill set the girls aren't on par with doIng.

And I also agree most club level guys are better at putting away mid court shots than most pro women that's totally fair assessment
Ok - but why??

The only logical explantation to me would be that the girls don't exercise the puttaways enough. But I don't think so cause so many coaches work(ed) with both male and female players.

I sometimes can't believe how female players are not able to close out points.

The same with closing out matches. Eurosport commentators are already making fun of it. It's more likely that a female players loses serve when serving for the match
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