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Re: GET IN SHAPE THREAD: Weight-loss, Dieters, and Exercise-enthusiast

My weight is perfect for my height, but I've got a bit of belly and my stamina is so freaking low. Yesterday I left a match unfinished trailling 6-3 2-2, then when I came back today 2 games later my energy was already very low, trailling at 5-3 in the 2nd I made a superhuman effort and won it 7-5, but in the 3rd I just couldn't and I lost it 6-2. I've been thinking about starting jogging something like 3 days a week, you know with slow intervals of running and walking, so that in a few months I can already jog a lot without having to stop, I guess that will help me a lot for tennis, won't it? (excuse my English, usually it's better but today I'm so tired I won't even bother to care about it )


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