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Re: Why is Graf overlooked?

Originally Posted by Anabelcroft View Post
1. Steffi Graf 86-2 0.977 1989
2. Steffi Graf 75-2 0.974 1987
3. Steffi Graf 72-3 0.969 1988
4. Steffi Graf 47-2 0.959 1995

5. Martina Hingis 75-5 0.937 1997
6. Steffi Graf 72-5 0.935 1990


1987: ABSENT, WIN, WIN, FINAL (Hingis' 1997 >>)
1995: ABSENT, WIN, WIN, WIN (Hingis' 1997 >>)

But I'll give you 1989

The belief that man is an irresolute creature pulled this way and that by two forces of equal strength, alternately winning and losing the battle for his soul; the conviction that human life is nothing more than an uncertain struggle between heaven and hell; the faith in two opposed entities, Satan and Christ - all this was bound to engender those internal discords in which the mind, excited by the incessant fighting, stimulated as it were by the constant promises and threats, ends up by giving in and prostitutes itself to whichever of the two combatants has been more obstinate in its pursuit. Life isn't black and white, it's gold.
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