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Re: Danish Delight - Caroline Wozniacki thread - vol 5

Originally Posted by TennisFan66 View Post
Just browsed the live score thread and looked at the stats. I so want to be a positive, optimistic little rosy bunny cheerleader .. but I can't

Plays a good 1st set, only to then become über passive and lose 2nd. How many times have we not see this pattern already? .. I suppose the one positive is, she won a tight 3 setter and didn't crumble like a mental midget at the end of 3rd. We've unfortunately seen this happen way to often lately, so .. a positive *check*.

Looks like she got broken 5 times in the match and managed to break 7 herself. Most of all those breaks in 2nd set.

From the statics, it appears the deciding factor was Makarova's (weak'ish) 2nd serve. Only winning 31% of 2nd serves in total.

It's never always smooth sailing. Either Caro starts well, but then fades in the 2nd set or she starts really poor, but often finds some better play towards the end of a match.

How about combining those two !!!
It seems from the comments that Caro lost the 2nd set just hoping she'd be given it and got broken twice in succession as a result. But won the 3rd set by taking control herself and won it as opposed to just handed it. The comments at the end from those that watched were they were pretty happy with her play from the comments at the end (but not with her 2nd set loss and the way she lost the 2nd set).

It's only second hand from reading the Live scoring thread - but I feel something like +2.5:1 positive on the happy scale with Caro.
  1. Winning 1st set easily = +0.5
  2. Losing 2nd set when there for the taking - just waiting to be handed it = -1
  3. Winning the 3rd set by taking control (not waiting to be handed it) = +1
  4. She won the match - and that is always good for me. = +1
This is how I feel for her match. And that really is the only think that interests me - what happened in matches played.

As far as how I fell about things like turning any corners and the future - I simply just don't do it - never did. I didn't speculate the future when she had that amazing run of wins. I don't do it now. I'll of course think things like it'll be tougher in the final / next round. But really after a match - my happiness rating is only based on what she did and how she played in her last match and that is good overall.

Caroline Wozniacki

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