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Re: Kaia Kanepi Cheering Thread!!!

Press conference

Q. Are you satisfied with your play today?
A. I am happy to win and to be in semis, I think it was quite a good match today, she also was playing very well, it was tough to win.

Q. You were very aggressive from the baseline, without net plays. Are you more of a baseliner, or did you tactically play this way today?
A. No, I usually like to play from the baseline, I don't like to volley that much, I think she was also a baseliner, so there were no net plays.

Q. In the second set, you lost 7 consecutive points, what did you do different to come back after that?
A. I didn't even recognize that I lost 7 points in a row. I just tried to play each point and I think I made few easy errors with my forehand in the second set, and I lost my game but I still felt that the set was not over and I thought I had chance every points.

Q. You are Estonia no.1 and making new records in WTA tour as an Estonian No.1. Do you have any pressure being the top player from Estonia?
A. Well, it was before when I was younger I felt pressure that everybody expected me to do well and they were hard, now I changed my thinking and I don't feel any pressure.

Q. How is the environment of tennis in Estonia?
A. Tennis is growing very fast in Estonia as a big sport, because me and few other girls are doing very well, now everybody wants to play suddenly.

Q. Your next opponent is lefty, you have not played yet before, what do you know about her and how will you play against her?
A. I was watching her match before my match little bit and she is lefty and she hits with a lot of topspin and she runs well so I think I have to be patient with my shots with my match tomorrow.

Q. You won two WTA titles in 2012 and you were out for 3 months because of an injury. How do you think 2012 season went for you?
A. It definitely had ups and downs, because of my injuries but also last year was the same, and even my whole career has been a little bit up and down, it is nothing new and I am used to it.

Q. You have very good ground strokes and serves. Do you think you are gifted with your shots or developed your shots by training hard?
A. Well until 16, I was playing different kind of tennis than I do now, I only played back and ran a lot, I was small and thin then suddenly I grew, I had to change my game plan. I think I am also gifted as well.

Q. In Roland Garros, you made to the quarters twice, do you like clay court the best?
A. Yes, because I grew up playing on clay courts, and slow courts, and as I told, my game was to play all the balls back and now if I play on clay, I still try to play a lot of balls back.

Q. What is important thing in your life outside of tennis?
A. People who are close to me are very important. My cars are very important.
I love driving.

Q. What kind of a car is it?
A. Evolution 10. Lancer Mitsubishi.

Q. You were down 4-2 in the second set, how did you come back and win the set 6-4?
A. I tried to play each point, as I said before I felt I had a chance winning the set if I just play, because I can break her. I was more disappointed when I play bad because I don't feel very well when I play bad.

Q. You have no personal coach, why is that?
A. Maybe I don't have good experience with coaches, I have changed a lot of coaches and it is very tough to find a good coach in Estonia because it is very small country and they don't know tennis, and to take a coach outside of Estonia is also difficult because you don't know them and you don't trust many people, it is hard to find someone very good as a coach.

Q. You are sponsored by Cruise Company. You were given cruise tickets as a gift, have you used them?
A. Yes it is a Cruise Company. They have a ship called superstar and I am the godmother of the ship. Ship came from Italy and they have a tradition that every ship has a godmother.
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