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Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
I came up short with Drescher. I can only confirm that she was still single (as Lilian Drescher) in 1987. She dropped off the tour in early 1988.

I found this article while confirming the spelling for Lidy Venneboer. My Dutch is non-existent, but the article seems to suggest that Jansen was just part of her family name and she married a German named Kirsch circa 1971.

Am I correct or off on Lidy?
Her father's name is Jan Jansen Venneboer (no hyphen!) where Jan is his Christian name and Jansen Venneboer is his family name. As a consequence, Lidy's official name is Jansen Venneboer. However, in the tennis world I only come across the simplified form Lidy Venneboer.

Indeed she married a German named GŁnter Kirsch. They have two children: Claudia (1970 or 1971) and Olaf (1973 or 1974). Age of daughter suggests marriage around 1970.

At the time of the article (2008-03-19) Lidy was 61 years old; i.e. born in either 1946 or 1947. She stopped playing tennis at age 22, which is around 1969. She played first round on Wimbledon 1968 (lost from P Lamm, USA).

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