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Re: Players calling time this year

I wonder if this injury might turn out to be a blessing in disguise for Kuznetsova. Even though posters on here too often reach for suggesting slumping players should take a "break" as if mental exhaustion or lack of motivation is their problem (this has been suggested for Ivanovic, Wozniacki and Jankovic in recent years, when all those players seem to have plenty motivation, their problem is lack of confidence and games not being good enough, which taking a few months away from playing matches would only exacerbate) - in Kuznetsova's case it really DOES seem to be a case of her just not being motivated enough, seeing as she is still capable of pulling top 10-level performances out of the bag from nowhere when she wants to (against Queen Vulture at RG this year). Maybe like so many players in their mid-20s who are forced out of the game for an extended period, maybe being bored at home will make Kuznetsova realise how much she enjoys the game and will encourage her to really dedicate herself to it for the next few years. Now that I think about it, even though her form has gone AWOL for very long periods at a time in the past few years, she's actually been pretty much constantly playing, she rarely gets serious injuries - so maybe she just hasn't had a chance to miss the game until now.

Pennetta is another one who I'd be surprised to see retire - even with her injury, she's managed to put in decent results at times this year (Rome & the Olympics). And that's even leaving aside her continued doubles success.
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