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Re: Survivor 25: Phillipines - Begins Sept. 19

Alright so after the first episode I really like Malcolm. He seems pretty smart and knows the game and who to trust, who to ally with. Wise decision to ally with Denise who seems super cool too! Definitely my favorite duo so far! Angie seems to have the head in the game already and that's good coming from a bimbo, I like her too. Brandy (the black girl whatever is her name but I think she looks like Brandy the singer) is kinda lost but she seems to listen and analyze alot so she could stir up some things but we'll see I guess. I like Lisa (Blair) she really seems genuine and sweet and I think it's smart for her to keep her secret, I reckon she won't last long tho. The 3 younger in the yellow tribe are pretty much in control on their tribe. Abi seems really nice lol she's hot. The banker girl seems really smart and she takes control of the thing right now, definitely one to watch. Pete is also a good asset, he seems to understand the game well judging by his confessional but he keeps it really quiet around people, could be a smart move. We haven't seen much of the red team so I can't judge. I think the blond girl is cool lol.

Then there are the stupid ones, hard to believe that the 3 returnees did a pretty poor job right from the start. Russel is the worse, he says he's not gonna be the leader, but what does he do? Becomes the instant leader and start giving his orders to people as for how building the camp, Malcolm says he knows how to start a fire but Russel as to do it...wrong move!!! He wants to be seen as the power man again. Wise choice and good (easy) move to give Russel the place he wants that,s what sunk him. In the challenger he made weird pairing not listening to people and trusting them on their skills. IDIOT move! He looked like a dominant silverback gorilla ruling his clan, worse move to make! He fell right back to his old habit that would have sunk him sooner than later.

Jonathan is playing just way too hard from the start, looking for the II already, being on its own way too much, he might be saved for a tribal using it but he'll get burn quickly if he doesn't show more interest in other people. At least he was really good durin the challenge encouraging his team and all.

Skupin is just so lost it seems. He thinks he's such an amazing player, such a hero but really he's not really smart. Good thinking to go with the flow, but they are dragging him along like their little puppet. He's so clumsy never looking what he's doing and he doesn't have the tactical game to win this.

BUT the worse today was Zane, stupid idea to make "alliances" with everyone, than bragging about it to some of them claiming he has everyone wrapped around his fingers. Never a good idea! Has he never watched the show? lol Then he sucked in the challenge, then he made up that stupid plan to sound like he was quitting. He seemed to believe that it was gonna work, but even if Russel would have been going home, it wouldn't have been cuz he did that "trick" but simply cuz Russel was annoying the others too much. He's so lunatic to think he's so clever. Quite sad to see tbh.

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