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Re: Anti-American anger sweeps Muslim world

Originally Posted by Volcana View Post
Kind of an oddment in the reporting I'm seeing and hearing today, even on NPR, is that 'AntiAmerican demonstrations are sweeping Egypt, Yemen, Tunis ....' and 'American Ambassador killed', yet what's happening IN Libya isn't being reported.

NOTE: Libya just had a war we helped on side win. The guys on the losing side aren't gone. The fighting has just stopped. The country is full of weapons, the central government is weak, and it's a tribal society in the first place. Somebody who wants the Americans out just made their move. A move. There will be more.

My vote is we find out who financed and organized this, and 'extraordinary render' their fat ass back here, and have a very public trial. And if they give up every goddamn one of their cronies, they live. At Gitmo, on bread and water, but they live.
Originally Posted by Volcana View Post
BTW, the Arab Spring was going to have to go through this. The USA was basically at war, one way or another, from the Revolutionary War til the Civil War. French and Indian War, War of 1812, the Civil War, the War against Mexico, the Indian wars .... and look at the history of Europe!

You take a bunch of people out of an autocracy (or multiple autocracies) into a situation where there's weak, if any central force, and you get anarchy. For a while. Then things sort themselves out. Hopefully NOT into another autocracy.
Originally Posted by Volcana View Post
Because that's what religious extremists do. Who killed Dr. George Tiller? Who carried out the Crusades? Who sat on their hands in Europe while Hitler murdered the Jews. Who HELPED Hitler murder the Jews? What sets India against Pakistan, war after war after war? Why is Israel a rogue nature that can murder it's neighbors with impunity, yet, guess what? They have a valid point?

Religious extremists. The psychos who says God want them to murder the unbelievers. Every insult to God much be avenged. As if God, if there is one, couldn't take care of vengeance just fine.
Agree with everything you said here.

Originally Posted by Expat View Post
1) people commenting on this thread probably don't think much about religion.
2) in many islamic countries insulting islam is punishable by death so they are acting normally according to their culture.
3) this will become much more common in the "western" world as muslims become the majority in europe.
4) get used to it. you have overpopulation and unemployed young men in these countries who unlike european unemployed men can't get laid due to their religion leaving them with only violence as an outlet of their sexual frustation.
Why am I not surprised?

Stop spewing shit, will you?

Originally Posted by NoppaNoppa View Post
I think we all got muslim message on 9/11
Originally Posted by NoppaNoppa View Post
But, but. Bin-laden

Only such dumb statements can come from LisickiFan or whatever the hell its username is. I guess you're not at all interested in the images posted by miffedmax and Volcana as the protesters don't subscribe to this "message" of yours. The sooner you realise that Bin Laden and his puppets are not representative of the majority of Muslims, the better for them and you.

The guy behind this film is a selfish and disgusting asshole especially that he went on with it despite knowing the possible chaos it would cause. He's got blood on his hands and is as much guilty of the murders.
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