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Re: Anti-American anger sweeps Muslim world

Originally Posted by Expat View Post
1) people commenting on this thread probably don't think much about religion.
2) in many islamic countries insulting islam is punishable by death so they are acting normally according to their culture.
3) this will become much more common in the "western" world as muslims become the majority in europe.
4) get used to it. you have overpopulation and unemployed young men in these countries who unlike european unemployed men can't get laid due to their religion leaving them with only violence as an outlet of their sexual frustation.
So ignorant and delusional

On the other hand, what a bunch of morons. Destroying their own streets, property, hurting innocent people etc., but it's clear the movie isn't the real motive behind that. I am really surprised to see situation in Tunisia getting out of control.

And just for the record, (violent) demonstrations were not held in all Muslim countries.

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