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Originally Posted by gaviotabr View Post
I would like to understand how on EARTH! Kardon wanted Ana to play the way I'm saying she should play. Kardon tried to change Ana's game completely by making her a net rusher. That has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with what I'm saying. Nothing. WTF?!

Its different to have controlled aggression and to make your shots harmless and being passive... very different. Ana was an aggressive players with weapons back in 2008.. her FH would hurt opponents. Now she is playing the game of averages, adding spin to her shots, making it harmless and airy. This average route is the pollar opposite of the aggressive route.
The only two extremes in tennis are pushing and ballbashing, not a single top 50 player is exclusively one or another. When you say that Ana's playing style is completely opposite of what it should be, it's wrong because Ana's playing style is not an extreme in any way. She's still an aggressive player, not as aggressive as she could or should be, but when you say that it has to be MUCH different, for me it means that she should go to some extreme. I don't think that we disagree about her game as much as we have different ideas about the meaning of the words like: slight, much, opposite, bad, really bad, decent. These adjectives and adverbs are often used to describe personal judgement which really varies from person to person, so what is good for me can be average for you, but your usage of these words is quite something. That's why I asked if you ever got B+ in the school. I was a nerd tbh. So, for me, getting B+ was disappointing, terrible and I really thought that B+ was slightly better than C-.

Originally Posted by gaviotabr View Post
or you think she will be satisfied if she never does anything of significance again?
Controlled aggression is the only way to do something. And controlled aggression is not an opposition to her "new style". I don't see that she's trying to have 0 winners and 0 UEs in her stats. She's still an aggressive player who should be more aggressive

Originally Posted by Ana'sProcess View Post
I'm ok with Ana dating Bastian, women, Jelena Jankovic, Trump, Montgomery Burns from Simpsons...
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