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Originally Posted by gaviotabr View Post
We disagree completely then. Against Serena, its undeniable that Ana's FH costed her at least a few more games. Exactly because a top player barely allows her to hit the FH freely and robs her time on it.. so when she has the chance to hit a FH, its too erractic to actually work. She gets anxious to do it, because its so few chances.. and its not really what she is working on. Ana needed to be working to death on the flat FH, her best shot at a real big weapon.

Against scrubs, she gets all the time in the world.. so she looks aggressive.. like that FH winner feast against Arvidsson. But I have said that Ana was striking her FH a bit better, more aggressively and flatter at the USO.. comparing to the passiveness of most of the tournaments this year, which made me hope they are finally seeing she needs her flat FH.
Missing an easy putaway is missing an easy putaway, you shouldn't miss it against anyone. If you're missing it against top players and not against scrubs, then it's all in your head. She was inpatient, wanted to finish it as soon as possible, so she was overhitting or making poor shot selection. That's how I saw it.

Originally Posted by gaviotabr View Post
Ana's FH was just not hurting anyone anymore..
In 2009 and 2010 it was hurting a lot of people... who were in the crowd. They made adjustments for a reason, I have this crazy theory that coaches do some things for a reason, I don't think that Nigel is a deluded old man who thinks that Ana can play like Hingis, but when you get a player who is a mess atm, you must try to make her win some matches for a beginning. I don't think he wants her to play like that for the rest of her career.

Originally Posted by gaviotabr View Post
Ana played Sevastova in IW 2010, right? Did you watch that match? No.
I watched her against Dulko, Perry and I watched her in FC (live, unfortunately), so I have a slight idea what could've happened in that match.

I'm tempted to post all Ana's serve stats (including serve speed stats from slams) from the last 4 years. And to back them up with available match videos from YT. But it would be a useless effort, because you will find a way to dismiss all my arguments (), so I should probably save my effort and researching skills for the paper I'm writing atm. Those stats and videos are on the Internet anyway and everybody can see it in case someone forgot what her toss looked like and how many dfs she used to hit.

Originally Posted by gaviotabr View Post
Ana's injuries were all leg injuries.. it might have slowed her down in footwork and speed.. but not in serving. Now.. it might have contributed or made the process of the degeneration of Ana's serve faster.. but its not the cause. The cause is the tinkering they are making.
What are they tinkering? I don't see it. It's not like she cut off some pace to get a higher 1st serve percentage. Her 1st serve percentage was horrible. What can be the reason for that? The lack of practice is the only thing I can think of. Vacations in the middle of season can explain the lack of practice and they can be a reason for injuries (that make you unable to practice as well).

Originally Posted by Ana'sProcess View Post
I'm ok with Ana dating Bastian, women, Jelena Jankovic, Trump, Montgomery Burns from Simpsons...
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