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Re: Anti-American anger sweeps Muslim world

Originally Posted by pov View Post
I have to laugh because in attempting to bolster your viewpoint you have defeated it. Many of us know what the EE, the Chinese (actually the Han dynasty) and the Ottomans did to nations and groups less powerful than them. It's obvious that they were hated for how they used their power.

The "they hate us because we're powerful" viewpoint is one of the most ignorant cliches around. Laughable in fact. It's a viewpoint adopted only by those whose degree of nationalism results in a "head up their ass" effect where they are not able to look at their nation with any objective.
Obviously they were hated for how they used their power and America is too. Without us having that power would anyone care? America will use its power for its own interests and people will love/hate us based on how our decisions impact them.

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