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Originally Posted by gaviotabr View Post

I would like to understand how on EARTH! Kardon wanted Ana to play the way I'm saying she should play. Kardon tried to change Ana's game completely by making her a net rusher. That has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with what I'm saying. Nothing. WTF?!

Its different to have controlled aggression and to make your shots harmless and being passive... very different. Ana was an aggressive players with weapons back in 2008.. her FH would hurt opponents. Now she is playing the game of averages, adding spin to her shots, making it harmless and airy. This average route is the pollar opposite of the aggressive route. And by aggressive route I never meant for her to be only a complete ballbasher. Its about taking the opportunity to strike and turning her shots into weapons again.. hitting them hard and flat as they should always be. Going for the average route as she is doing is playing a whole different style of play than the one that is natural to her, the one she had up until 2010.. This style is pollar opposite than the one she should have. Its no wonder she looks clueless on court so often. If she ever sees this style has a dead end for her, she will have to start again from scratch. The mistake was going for this route in the first place. She will have to forget about spin and go for flat, she will have to make her mind in being aggressive and not withstanding 20 shots + rallies, so on. I know Ana will never be the one she was in 2008.. that player got killed off. But she is playing now a game that doesn't favor her, that negates her weapons, that has a dead end within her possibilities. All I'm saying is that she needs to go for the game that is natural to her, that not only make her weapons visible but make them shine. Otherwise she won't ever have anything special, that differentiates her from others, as she once did. And that would be fatal.. or you think she will be satisfied if she never does anything of significance again?
She had a perfect mix of controlled aggression in 2007/08, and I'm with you...that's the kind of style that works best for her. She was patient with her backhand as a rally shot, she used to hit it pretty well deep with spin, and then she'd move around to crack the forehand. Now she has half that power and half that aggressive mentality I haven't read this whole conversation but this I agree with.

EDIT: Can I also add that her forehand now is too much arm and not enough body, she comes up around the outside of it too much and it's not nearly as technically good as it used to be, unless she is totally set and in the zone. It's a pretty big problem because like you say she's not using it when she gets the chances to go for a big flat shot, its just a spun shot she has to work harder to win points then she becomes more clueless. Well I guess, maybe I'm wrong

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