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Re: Suicide Seoul

Day 1 (1 point)

lizzard11120 - Goerges

Day 2 (15 points)

Material World - Voskoboeva, NP
Cheda 16.17 - Bertens, NP
fallansky - Voskoboeva, NP
Smitten - Voskoboeva, NP
supertec - Voskoboeva, Muguruza Blanco

Day 3 (30 points)

Xepher - Voskoboeva, Rybarikova, Kirilenko
SamR03A - Voskoboeva, Lepchenko, Kirilenko
Frederik - Voskoboeva, Makarova, Kirilenko
BepaMaria - Voskoboeva, Makarova, Kirilenko
JJohnyTheSaviOuR - Voskoboeva, Makarova, Kirilenko
MH0861 - Voskoboeva, Makarova, Kirilenko
Justpetko - Voskoboeva, Makarova, Soler-Espinosa
RJCSF69 - Voskoboeva, Makarova, Kirilenko
rvugt - Voskoboeva, Makarova, Kirilenko
Chris 84 - Voskoboeva, Makarova, Kirilenko
Tennisfan06 - Voskoboeva, Rybarikova, Suarez Navarro
the jackal - Voskoboeva, Rybarikova, NP
luppy55 - Voskoboeva, Rybarikova, Kirilenko
joe87 - Voskoboeva, Lepchenko, Kirilenko
hindrance. - Voskoboeva, rybarikova, Soler-Espinosa
cswab22 - Kanepi, Rybarikova, Kirilenko
Payam - Kanepi, Makarova, Kirilenko
purtov - Kanepi, Makarova, Kirilenko
Drake1980 - Voskoboeva, Lepchenko, Kirilenko
goOudinUSA - Kanepi, Lepchenko, Kirilenko
qczi - Voskoboeva, Garcia, Kirilenko

Day 4 (50 points)

Hidalgo - Voskoboeva, Rybarikova, Petrova, NP
Sexysova - Voskoboeva, Rybarikova, Petrova, NP
Winnerpova - Voskoboeva, Medina Garrigues, Petrova, NP

Day 5 (70 points)

flareon - Voskoboeva, Makarova, Paszek, Zakopalova, Martinez Sanchez
gegalli - Voskoboeva, Zakopalova, Bertens, Lepchenko, Paszek
FORZA SARITA - Voskoboeva, Makarova, Petrova, Paszek, NP

Day 6 (130 points)

DAVAJMKirilenko - Voskoboeva, Makarova, Petrova, Paszek, Kanepi, Lepchenko
ESimp - Voskoboeva, Makarova, Bertens, Paszek, Kanepi, Lepchenko
elluko86 - Voskoboeva, Zakopalova, Martinez Sanchez, Paszek, Makarova, NP
_mariosergio - Voskoboeva, Rybarikova, Bertens, Paszek, Makarova, Lepchenko
smokovec - Voskoboeva, Medina Garrigues, Kanepi, Paszek, Lepchenko, NP
Tuckii - Voskoboeva, Makarova, Martinez Sanchez, Paszek, Lepchenko, NP

DAY 7 NO PICK (200 points)

Meelis - Voskoboeva, Lepchenko, Paszek, Makarova, Kanepi, Wozniacki, NP
Hapsara - Voskoboeva, Lepchenko, Petrova, Paszek, Wozniacki, Kanepi, NP
valac222 - Kanepi, Rybarikova, Martinez Sanchez, Makarova, Lepchenko, Wozniacki, NP
wikuch - Kanepi, Rybarikova, Paszek, Makarova, Lepchenko, Wozniacki, NP
Daszmarelli - Voskoboeva, Makarova, Petrova, Paszek, Kanepi, Wozniacki, NP
BlackPanther. - Voskoboeva, Makarova, Martinez Sanchez, Paszek, Wozniacki, Kanepi, NP
Fire_Fox - Voskoboeva, Lepchenko, Petrova, Paszek, Wozniacki, Kanepi, NP
shaktincredible - Voskoboeva, Makarova, Martinez Sanchez, Paszek, Kanepi, Wozniacki, NP
longtin23 - Kanepi, Medina Garrigues, Petrova, Paszek, Makarova, Wozniacki, NP

DAY 7 INVALID (232 points)

Brenda fan - Voskoboeva, Makarova, Petrova, Paszek, Lepchenko, Wozniacki, Kanepi
joeh37 - Voskoboeva, Rybarikova, Martinez Sanchez, Paszek, Makarova, Wozniacki, Kanepi

DAY 7 WINNER (280 points)


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