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Originally Posted by elle-marie View Post
I hope it will be a girl too. A girl who would become a great champion like her mother and save the tour.
And healthy of course!

In men side? Andy. He's the one and only player that I support.
I'm so happy that he finally found a proper coach. Thanks Ivan Lendl.

Blair and Dan's relations totally ruins my interest to GG. And I don't see any future of this show. I still hope Blair and Chuck will be together finally and we'll see their wedding.
I haven't seen any spoilers yet, haven't time because of work...
GG spoilers always ridic.
Do you watch other shows besides GG?

Very good taste Lendl I really hope he will stay around Andy At least until he wins Wimbledon

You mean their relationship during S5 or the way it ended in the last episode? Yeah Chuck and Blair will be together So predictable.
Ewww, are you working a lot?
Yeah GG spoilers are ridiculous. Like... Ivy is going to date Rufus, Will and maybe even Bart
Yes ! I am a Doctor Who addicted I have ER and Buffy DVDs, I should catch up on New Girl, I watch Once Upon a Time... ohh and one day I should watch Breaking Bad. So many shows You?

Elina Svitolina will PEAK in 2016

Originally Posted by Break My Career View Post
Did you see that final? Mirnyi was absolutely useless, paralyzed by nerves and he kept feeding Bryan easy volleys with his BH return. Robson played a very good first set but became equally useless after that. So basically it was Murray vs Azarenka, and Vika won believe it or not.
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