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Re: News confirmed: No tennis on Eurosport in 2013 outside the slams

Originally Posted by Jorn View Post
How many in Sweden watch C More Sport as they both have football. Speedway, Ice hockey and now Tennis, so many pays...

Ithink it 399 a month, I tryed see on yesterday...
That's correct, CMore's web service costs 399SEK a month. But keep in mind their rival Viasat's web service costs 199SEK and their package includes movies and other tv shows on-demand aswell. Cmore owns the Swedish football & Swedish hockey(only the top leagues), Swedish Speedway, La Liga, Serie A, MLB, ATP+Wimbledon. Viasat owns the Premier League, Champions League, NHL, NFL, Formula1, Nascar, MotoGP, Speedway GP, Eurobasket+basketball championships, all the golf men and women. Outside of the tennis, I'm pretty sure what I'd rather be paying for. Yet Viasat is only half the price. On TV, CMore(sports only) costs 399SEK and Viasat(sports only) costs 288SEK. So the differnce is pretty big there too. I should say that you need basic cable first though, so it's more than that in total even if you just want the sport.

Anyway, Let's face it. No one buys an expensive TV deal just for tennis in Sweden these days. The sport is all but dead for the wider audience. Cmore doesn't pay particularly much for those rights(a handfull of SEK millions per year, not more), so there's not exactly a bidding war going on with the tennis in Sweden. And that's the ATP which is a 1000 times more popular here, since we haven't had a top WTA player, well since forever. I can't imagine anyone taking on the WTA for other than peanuts.

What I'm hoping? That no one picks the WTA up. TennisTV is a very good service for a reasonable amount of money, that blocks Europe out when it comes to the bigger WTA tournaments. They already show all the ATP500+1000+select 250s and select WTA Internationals in Europe. If they would show the WTA Premier tournaments aswell it's all but a complete product. They also have the matches on-demand and the service works with iphones and ipads. That would be the best imo, rather than Cmore buying it and then burrying it in their expensive sports package.
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