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Re: Venus To Take Washington Kastles to 32-0 in the WTT Finals!

Originally Posted by Uranium View Post
Venus has arrived! With yet another fucking hair do change. Bitch wants to be bald. I swear.
Originally Posted by dynamoRockstarr View Post
I told yall she was wearing Serena's wig!!!
Originally Posted by Pump-it-UP View Post
This is like her 8th one since the French Open. She better take a break during the offseason.

But @ Harry peeking up in the bottom of that pic.
Originally Posted by Uranium View Post
^Seriously. 1) Long black weave for RG, 2) brown braids for Wimbledon, 3) braids taken out/natural for WTT match #1, 4) Red, white, blue braids for WTT matches #2, 3, and Olympics, 5) brown and pink braids for Cincy and US Open, 6) cornrows for Serena's match, 7) big curly weave, 8) this thing (can't judge it from that pic).
OK first of all this hair style is most likely the same cornrows she had on Sunday in NY. Why do you think she's wearing that baseball cap anyway? The front of that thing is probably a little ragged at this point. She'll probably get someone to touch up the font a little and probably wear a baseball cap, her visor or a scarf the whole weekend otherwise. Heck she may even take it out and wear her natural hair for the event. She most likely just stuck a wig cap on and put that Chaka Khan's little sister wig (not weave in my opinion) on for Fashion Week. Second of all she's already lost her hairline () and the hair that she does have (two inches from where her original hairline used to be ) is much stronger and appears to not be braided anywhere near as tightly as it was in years past, so she should be safe from further traction alopecia. Thirdly putting braids or cornrows in and out isn't as dangerous as sow-in and glue in weaves and braiding too tightly which is what she used to do and what has cost both sisters their hairlines, Venus to a greater degree then Serena though. Venus really needs to wig it up like Serena has these past few years, because that is better for her real hair than weaves or braiding. Many women put their hair in cornrows and put a wig-cap and wig on top of it and save and grow their real hair underneath. It's a protective style used by many women of all ethnic backgrounds. I still say that after all I've learned the only hope for either Venus or Serena's hairlines at this point are transplants. Hey maybe the sisters could get a package deal with Roddick and everyone can have a kickin' thick, full and lustrous hairline in a years time?

So that concluded today's episode of 'Hair Over-analysis Theater' And like strands through the hotcomb, so go the days of our lives.

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Originally Posted by meyerpl View Post
Isn't Mary Carillo a dried up, bitter, menopausal, frustrated harpy.....?
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