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Originally Posted by elle-marie View Post
It's great to hear this.
No much happy, but I'm well.
Do you think it will be a boy or a girl?

Andy deserved this!

Yes, I am, but no longer enjoy the show as before.
Hated last epi too. And I'm happy that this will be the last season.

Aww, vejh, thanks for the pic, it's so cute.
Aww :aww: as long as you are fine !
It's selfish but I hope it will be a girl with a lot of tennis talent But what I want for Justine is for her baby to be healthy ! So many babies atm my brother, two friends, now Justine

Yes ! Who do you support in the men side ?

IKR? The characters were supposed to be growing up not to be even worse than before You are brave to watch the last season I've heard some spoilers, they are ridic

Originally Posted by flyingmachine View Post
Andy is very talented player especially when it comes to from defensive to offensive play. He's remains me more of Kim rather than Justine. I'm not really a huge fan but he deserves to won a GS. Also I think he's a the best British tennis player ever and I do support British players.
So true ! It annoys me when I hear that Andy is a pusher He is very defensive but at least he can be offensive and has a strong forehand. So it's good. The USO final was very windy, so of course it was a grindfest. Still more enjoyable than 95% of WTA matches
Awwww yes ! I used to love Henman

Justine is a Murray fan

Give back 2006 US Open to Justine

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