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Re: Survivor 25: Phillipines - Begins Sept. 19

Originally Posted by Vincey! View Post
5 females is not the same as one male returnee per tribe. It's a different dynamic. They clearly gives more "power" to a male returnee than to a female. Let's face it, when you only have one returnee per tribe, it's gonna be the leader or at least the player where the tribe revolve around. Either it's gonna be to eliminate it as soon as possible or it's gonna be to take his lead and follow his instruction. Having 5 females returnee is good but they won't have as much power, unless they have 5 tribes? lol doubtful! 5 returnees seems a lot for a season tho, it's like half of a tribe...Will there be more returnees?

I know who I'll root for after the 1st episode. I knew right away that Kim and Chelsea were the one to watch last season and fell in love wiht them when they were chasing the chicken
Apparently it's five male and five female returnees on one tribe, and ten new players on the other tribe. So like Fans vs. Favorites all over.

You can see the cast here:
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