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Re: Anti-American anger sweeps Muslim world

Originally Posted by $uricate View Post
The Islam war was about oil.

Do you really think Obama gave a fuck about the Muslims?

All US Presidents are the same. A picture perfect solution that never works.

Start believing the real.
I do think Obama gives a fuck about Muslims, just as he cares about individuals of all religions. If you don't, then you know nothing about his worldview or what drove him into politics in the first place. As I said in my earlier post, Americans for the most part, are as welcoming and as open to different religions, races, and cultures as any other country in the world. If they weren't, then Obama wouldn't have been elected in the first place. For some reason, other nations like to look down on America but I've spent an extensive amount of time in other countries and I am always astonished at how backward all of these supposed enlightened countries are on race relations and toward religions that are different from their own. It's easy to scapegoat a certain country but the average American could not give a shit about whether someone is a Muslim or whether someone is from the middle east. Sure, there are extremists and racists here but no more than there are in other Western countries.

Now, the Iraq war was a massive mistake that was brought on by a few religious zealots because they had their puppet in office in GWB but I can assure you that most Americans are not happy with how that turned out, particularly after it was found out they were lied to about WMD.

This thread is very frustrating especially when you see people criticizing Americans the same way they claim Americans criticize Muslims or other countries. It's so hypocritical.

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