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Re: Anti-American anger sweeps Muslim world

Originally Posted by Wigglytuff View Post
Warms my heart. In many ways the media fails to do its job by not sharing this story.
Kind of an oddment in the reporting I'm seeing and hearing today, even on NPR, is that 'AntiAmerican demonstrations are sweeping Egypt, Yemen, Tunis ....' and 'American Ambassador killed', yet what's happening IN Libya isn't being reported.

NOTE: Libya just had a war we helped on side win. The guys on the losing side aren't gone. The fighting has just stopped. The country is full of weapons, the central government is weak, and it's a tribal society in the first place. Somebody who wants the Americans out just made their move. A move. There will be more.

My vote is we find out who financed and organized this, and 'extraordinary render' their fat ass back here, and have a very public trial. And if they give up every goddamn one of their cronies, they live. At Gitmo, on bread and water, but they live.

Proud to be an American
Not blind. Not uninformed. We are party to atrocities. But the response of the world after 9/11 is worth noting. Even our most dire enemies offered aid. We should all be so lucky.
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