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Re: PSY - Gangnam Style (South Korean smash single)

Yeah, I worked in a hagwon in Yeongtong in Suwon for a year and a half, went travelling for a while, went home for a few months and then moved to Cheongdam in Seoul (near Apgujeong) for 2 years. So I spent 3.5 years there over a 4 year period. Living in Cheongdam was great, so much of Seoul is so accessible and it's a great area in itself. I worked in a hagwon there too - ECC. My branch closed down in June though. Guess they couldn't survive without me I miss my students a lot I miss Korea a lot too but I don't think I could go back again. Some of my friend have been there a long time or will have been there a long time before they leave.

Wolmido is quite nice. Have you been to Muui-do? I never went there myself but it's a popular convenient summer getaway for people in the Seoul/Incheon area? You have my sympathies for having to deal with line 1, btw!! It's fine in central Seoul but once you get out onto the prongs, it's so annoying. A good friend of mine used to like in Doksan, near Guro.

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